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Sonic Fans LOOK O.O

2008-02-22 23:03:41 by Devilic

An all welcome Sonic fan Forum
Sonic Fan Land
Brand new site, looking for Mods and tons of Sonic fans

news section
site section
sonic section
general section(with spam thread)
rants section
it even has a section for adults(just dont abuse it)
There are minimal rules, but they are not taken lightly if broken. The Admin is very flexible however if you act right

Sonic fans of any level is welcome. If you love, like, or just beginning to get involved with Sonic Based things, you are welcome to join.

As stated, its hiring Mods. There is a thread there if interested

There will be alot more things done to the site considering its brand new. Please thry to help in any way.

Thx and good day :)


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2008-02-23 11:40:56

Hey, so we are both sorry about what happened... right?
And your flash isn't all that bad either. Just that one that I blammed, it needed a little more work!

Devilic responds:

Yeah, it was only about 10 frames long XP